Saturday, November 19, 2016

Transition Zone Squared (2) - Walk-Abouts.

In Ottawa 2014.

I locked my motorcycle behind the Jail Hostel and saw much of the city by foot. I discovered Ottawa is both big and small - big buildings upon which to gaze and reflect, small corner pubs within reach when my dogs barked and my throat was dry. "Chambly Noir, s'il vous plait. Merci." (Chez Lucien)

TZ2 (a set of 120 walks) has started off with 9 in a row. Lovely

 My sturdy map of Ottawa, near the National Library and Archives

 Significant sites are mapped and numbered - in bronze

Terry Fox: One of Canada's champions

Walk-abouts are my bread and butter when I travel. And between travels I walk the streets of London for fun and fitness and the occasional pit stop when dogs get tired.

"Stout for me, thanks."

Please link to Transition Zone Squared (1).

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