Monday, November 28, 2016

Transition Zone Squared (3) - November Endgame.

Close to a Wrap-Up

 Looks like a dead end. Not!

November, with wetter and cooler days than most recent months, is coming to a close. The weather, however, has not dampened my desire to get out the door on a regular basis and walk the city streets and pathways. As well, upcoming snowy days will not be a hindrance to my fun and fitness routine.

Using tunnel-vision, I see many miles ahead

 Yesterday I walked downtown and back, part of the way with my son and grandson, and completed an errand at the same time. Many of my walks are now linked to double purposes, i.e., fun and fitness, and picking up or dropping off an item. I think I'm the cheapest delivery service in London!

Walk #22 in November - 7.5 miles

After supper, because I don't get TSN on TV and I wanted to catch up on the Grey Cup game, I grabbed my high-tech Walkman and walked around the Village. The game was a real nail-biter, eh!? (If that wee AM/FM radio lasts another 20 years I'll be very happy.)

A Bit of November Number Crunching:

     I should finish the month with 24 or 25 walks

     I should cover 100-plus miles

     My average walk should be around 4.0 miles

The last 10 weeks look pretty solid

Ten weeks ago I vacationed in PEI, only walked 11 miles. No regrets. Last week I ventured to the Bruce Peninsula, and I took an enjoyable break on two of the days up there. That being said, my 10-week average still looks AOK, right around 25 miles per week.

Vacations affect the 10-week average, but not by much

The jogging routine is over and done for 2016, and next year I will try to complete 60 - 70 jogs. Is there a marathon in my future? We shall see what we shall see.

December approaches and I will keep the following numbers in mind - 25 walks, 4 miles per outing, 100 miles (or so) by the end of the month. Yearly weigh-in should be positive!

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