Friday, April 21, 2017

A Man's Port is His Castle.

"Black and White"

"Bonfire and bourbon, Saturday night"

Though the small - not insignificant - port looks better in colour, I chose black and white in order to highlight a few details, especially the rare view of 'the king of the castle' in the last photograph.

Usually, once the Yamaha is parked, I do a short walk-about with cameras in tow. I snap a few shots of this and that while thinking, "Fries or a BLT?"

Cold shoulder! Lake Erie gives me a chill early in the year if my leather jacket isn't zipped up tightly. When I see all the timber tossed on shore I think, "Bonfire and bourbon, Saturday night."

 "Once the Yamaha is parked"

"I do a short walk-about"

 "This and that"

 "Lake Erie gives me a chill"

"Rare view of the king of the castle"

Please link to Pt. Bruce, April 17, 2017

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