Saturday, April 15, 2017

Pt. Bruce, April 14, 2017.

World Famous Views.

There are those who will argue, but by dead-reckoning - and with help from official Canadian survey markers - I've discovered that Port Bruce, Ontario (comfortably situated on the north shore of Lake Erie, 61 kilometres south-east of my front porch in London), is the centre of the known universe. 

Dead-centre, by my own series of complex mathematical computations, is in front of the 'order here' window at The Corner View Cafe.

The place was abuzz with activity yesterday. Three children were playing near the beach, a few young adults discussed the time of "tonight's bonfire", expensive motorcycles and a few classic cars circled 'the loop', and the 'order here' window slid open and closed more times than I could count.

 No. B77 - B for Bruce, File 77. X marks the spot.

You gotta go. Besides the views, The Corner View Cafe's world famous BLT is still $4.95.

Be there. Be square.

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