Friday, April 28, 2017

Port Bruce: Colour vs Black and White.

Motorcycle Miles on Thursday.

Heading south on Old Vic to Scotland Road.

I like April mornings that are dry, with a light breeze, about 20 degrees C, with blue, sunny skies and a few clouds overhead. In other words, motorcycling weather.

By 10:30 a.m. I was heading east on Commissioners toward Old 'Vic' (Victoria) Sideroad on my way to Port Bruce. I stopped once on the way to the lake, i.e., at a short bridge on Hunter-Crossley Line, a few miles southeast of Belmont, to see if swallows had started building mud houses underneath it.

 Swallows make mud nests under this quiet bridge

I was too early. Mud nests will appear in upper right corner soon

I saw one pair of swallows on a wire, then in the sky, so I felt I will have more to show interested viewers in another week or so. Evidence proves this is a popular spot for mud nest builders. The mud is readily available from the creek bed, and except for the odd photographer, no one bothers the nest builders. (More photos soon to follow, I hope).

Once in Port Bruce I chatted briefly with John Hesch from London (he was busy catching minnows), then checked the skies to see if predicted rain was on the horizon ("2PM", said local weather casts). See for yourself.

 The skies overhead and over Port Burwell (east) looked untroubled.

Skies southeast of the pier were darker. I left before any storm brewed.

The Corner View Cafe was closed, so I took my thermos of coffee to the beach and enjoyed peace and quiet under warm skies. I left by 12:45 in order to be home by two, and the predicted rain storm hit London at about 3 PM. 

(I was well off the bike but got drenched while planting a post for a birdhouse in a neighbourhood front garden. Fortunately, it was a warm rain).

More to follow.

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