Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Gord's Hop Farm 9.

Hop Cones - About One Million!

Need shade? Plant a few hop vines.

With new cedar lattice in place atop my backyard deck railing, healthy hop vines - planted 4 years ago - marched north, hopped the Grand Canyon (the gap between sections of lattice), and prepared to flower. (The other half of the large mass of vines is attached to a backyard fence).

And flower they did. Too many to count. Visible hop cones will not be far behind.

About one million in all?

Hopefully, local brewers will once again assist with harvest and - shortly thereafter - allow me to sample their new hoppy brews.

As Lucy would say to Charlie Brown, "All I want is my fair share." : )

Please link to Gord's Hop Farm 8.

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