Saturday, August 19, 2017

Motorcycle Monday - Port Bruce.

From Gravel Roads to Smooth Sailing.

[Photo: Fresh gravel on Crossley-Hunter Line. Yuck.]

I wanted to check on mud nests and swallows under Crossley-Hunter bridge (and currant bushes nearby), so I carefully travelled at 60 kph - on the county sideroad's fresh gravel and tar - and held a very straight line all the way to my usual creek-side parking spot.

Silence reigned under the bridge. Mud nests sat perfectly empty and not one swallow was on a wire or in the air. Where have they gone? Did the energetic birds raise a second family and head to a better feeding zone? As I'm regularly reminded, I guess I'd better Google it.

 90 mud condos sit empty. I shall return.

Currants ripening? Not much flavour at the moment!

Once on Highway 73 (Imperial Road to Aylmer) I enjoyed clear skies and little wind on my run to Pt. Bruce. I stopped once to check on elderberry bushes near Copenhagen. Result - they need more time to ripen but birds have already been at them.

Once in Port Bruce I wandered about, enjoyed a BLT at the Corner View Cafe, and later went for a dip. Lake Erie is lovely this time of year and on a Monday there is lots of room on the beach to relax.

Photos from good vantage points:

 Lotsa room to hang about on a Monday

Another motorcyclist sits near water's edge

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