Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Dark Side of the Moon. (2)

[Photo: I placed a canvas in the sand, and played with shadows.]

I arrived in Port Bruce before the eclipse began, but because I'd stopped along the way (to take photos of my favourite barn, and elderberry bushes, and asparagus plants going to seed) I was hungry, hot and dusty - so I gobbled down a BLT, then jumped into the lake for a swim.

After the dip I set up a small canvas on the beach, took out binoculars and camera from a backpack, and focussed on the work at hand - i.e., snapping a few shots of an eclipse of the sun.

 Monday p.m. - Shadows visit the north shore of Lake Erie.

 I don't need no fancy telescope or expensive camera!

 Shadows look like a curious bird in a mask.

 Here's looking at you, Kid.

 My last frame. It was hot - so into the lake I went!

"Gord's Workshop. Barnboard Birdhouses and More."

Was it a great ride?

The Shadow knows!

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