Saturday, August 12, 2017

Try Utterson.

[Photo: Easy to find. Just follow my tracks]

I visited the Muskoka region recently and stayed in a lovely Airbnb location in Utterson. I recommend the spot highly.

And where is Utterson? Easy to find really. One mile off Highway 11 (go west on Highway 141) between Bracebridge and Huntsville.

Three of us stayed in a two-bedroom apartment that was once part of a general store (way back when Utterson was a booming logging town). We connected easily with folks in Bracebridge we wanted to visit and we basically lived on the apartment's sunny front porch during afternoon 'happy hours'.

 We had the front, bright apt., w two large windows.

From the front porch my wife and I looked west on H. 141, toward a sports camp very familiar to our family. Both sons worked at the camp, on Lake Rousseau, for a few years when they were young adults.

 The long and winding road to Rousseau.

This might be Utterson's most famous telephone pole.

We shall return!

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