Friday, July 27, 2012

Discovering the world in one pair of pants: July 19 - 21, 2012 (Pt 2)

Recently, upon my new Miele 21-speed bicycle (with a trailer attached bearing some of my worldly goods, incl. beans and spare socks), I journeyed 80 - 90 kilometers (not as the crow flies) from London to Springwater Conservation Area, on mostly paved roads through some of Ontario’s finest landscape.

I share the following photos in the hopes that you’ll consider a bicycle vacation as well in the future and that you’ll let me know about it, or share some photos of your own. Perhaps you’ll come across the red squirrel that stole my rye bread and discover a way to deal with the little beggar. Let me know!

Photo 1: Heading out of London

I stopped to admire the bike lane on White Oaks Rd. I wish there were more like it, for safety’s sake.

Photo 2: A lovely laneway

Jennifer and Luc win first prize in the “Long and Lovely Laneway” category. Don’t ask me where the lane is located; I didn't write it down. Maybe Edgeware Rd.?

Photo 3: My trusty Kelly kettle

I travelled to Thunder Bay and back (3,300 km.) in 2007, taking only a Kelly kettle to heat water for meals and tea. Sure, I ate a lot of instant oatmeal and Mr. Noodle, but Canada is the land of twigs after all, so I saved a fortune in fuel costs. Oh, a fortune to be sure.

Photo 4: My tiny ‘pocket rocket’ stove

Even though I could easily use a Kelly kettle (w special attachment) to heat my stew, I depended on my propane stove. Stir the stew, drop twigs into the kettle for tea. Stir, drop, stir, drop. Two things at once. Easy kap-easy.

Photo 5: Once upon a time

Behind my can of Crazy Canuck beer sits my bag of rye bread. I ate 1.5 slices for supper. Later in the evening the rest was stolen by a ferocious wild animal. Photo to follow.

Photo 6: Ferocious beast

Though outweighed by the many grey and black squirrels in the area, the wild red squirrel (as of yet, no one can claim to have definitively tamed one) is a master at defending his territory, i.e., all of Springwater Cons. Area. And this one can cart off a loaf of bread in the blink of an eye.

Photo 7: Big appetite

Though I searched the grounds thoroughly around my campsite after the theft, I found not one crumb of bread or piece of leftover plastic bag. All I found was the hole to a hideout. A red squirrel’s home? I don’t know! I wasn’t about to stick my nose in there!

More to follow.

Photos by G.Harrison


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