Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Finished Log Cabin (2)

Instructions and More Detail

[This large birdhouse comes with a free one!]

Instructions and more can be viewed at Gord's new blog entitled The Workshop by G.Harrison.

Link to The Workshop

Photo GH


Lannie Good said...

That yellow one Really takes my fancy as I bought a new sunflower seed feeder and the roof is bright yellow..so cheerful when looking out the window at it. Chick-a-dees like it.. it's almost too small for blue jays to land on but they manage..such pigs they are. So yellow on the roof of more bird houses gets my vote! love older sister.

G. Harrison said...

Hi Lannie,

That yellow was a gift and I'm almost out, but it gets my vote too. Very cheerful! I will buy a half gal. if I can find it (Benjamin Moore as I recall).

Snow is melting away steadily day by day. At Last!