Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Workshop - Log Cabins (3)

Cold Out, Warm In

 ["Oh, it's cold outside"]

["Inside - New world's record?"]

By some combined fluke of nature and modern technology I saw the temperature rise to almost 14 degrees yesterday in the shop. The sun was shining at the right angle, the heater was set to 'the highest of highs', I'd just had a big cup of coffee and my stomach was a small furnace - all contributing factors I am sure.

And, I was able to move the seven cabins along the trail toward completion.

 ["Three of four small cabins. And the last one is my favourite"]

 ["My fav has old logs made from an old, rescued fence"]

 ["Two of three larger cabins. I will likely paint one of them"]

 ["Old barnboard triangles front and back. Loverly, I say"]

["I may stain this roof, then varnish, to show off the knots and grain"]

Sure, they need a bit of trim. Maybe I'll have a full-on trim day by Tuesday.


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