Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Way We Roll 13

Hamilton Print Drawer

While in Fenelon Falls last weekend I spent a bit of my hard-earned money on flea market or antique items. For example, I now sit in a vintage Harter chair while at the computer and my back is thanking me.

Soon I will hang a print drawer ('Hamilton' is stamped on the drawer handle) behind my desk in which to store - let me see - about 100 family treasures that I've collected on my journey through life, found/stashed in my desk drawers or that were given to me by family members over the years.

PS - There were two drawers in the shop I visited in Fenelon Falls but I only bought the one. So, if you are hungry to have one, call me. I return there in one month.

Price - $40 as I recall, the smaller of the two, and I'll only charge a small handling fee. Say... a million bucks! : )

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