Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Three New Blogs by G. Harrison

It Strikes Me Funny is Closing Down

I am currently developing three new sites. Please join me there, if interested.

US Troops land in N. Africa (Nov. 1942) with aid
from Canadians in Combined Operations

Faint Footsteps, WW2 - I am learning more about my father's WW2 experience in the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve and Combined Operations Organization, and I share short stories of his time, for example, in Scotland (training exercises) and Sicily (Allied invasion, July 1943), and of my own travels for research purposes.

Canadians in Combined Operations, WW2 - At this site I list books, photographs, memoirs and more details about the Combined Operations organization and Canadians who served in it during WW2.

The Workshop - I spend productive time in my small woodworking shop almost everyday and post progress reports and photos of various projects.

Top Photo - credit to Imperial War Museum
Bottom Photo - GH

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