Monday, March 2, 2015

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Introducing Two New Blogs

 ["Combined Operations by Canada's Clayton Marks, London"]

For information, stories, photographs, links to books and websites (etc.) about the little-known Combined Operations organization that played one of the hundreds of key roles for the Allied forces during WW2, please join me at the following site:

Canadians in Combined Operations, WW2 by G. Harrison

["Many Canadians, incl. my father, trained in Halifax before going to Europe"]

And, for more personal information about the recruitment, training and WW2 experiences of my father Doug, a Canadian member of RCNVR and Combined Operations (incl. details re preparing for the Dieppe raid and embarking on invasions of North Africa, Sicily and Italy), please join me at the following site:

Faint Footsteps, WW2 by G. Harrison

["My father, centre, greets Americans at Arzeu, North Africa, Nov. 1942"]

Questions, comments and submissions are welcome at the two sites.

G. Harrison

Two Photos by GH

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