Monday, July 20, 2015

Motorcycle Miles

Flight to Port Bruce

"One boat. And then there were none"

One aspect of motorcycle riding that captures my imagination relates to the sound of the motor. The rhythmic sounds inspire melodies - with full orchestral instrumentation at times - that are better than most one hears on the radio. If I could capture those songs I'd be a millionaire. As it is, as long as I can ride, I don't need the money.

As well, another lure of the motorcycle is that it nearly replicates the experience of flying in a plane with an open cockpit, like Snoopy as he chases down the Red Baron. When I focus on the road 500 to 1,000 meters ahead of my windscreen I do feel like I'm in the air.

Yesterday, as is often the case, I ended up in Port Bruce with cameras in hand. I sipped a cold can of ginger ale while I viewed several peaceful scenes. Because of the wind and waves fewer boats or bathers enjoyed the water or fresh breezes as usual.

"Just me and a few seagulls"

At times I felt as if I was the sole owner of this special, quiet corner of God's Green Earth.

Link to Motorcycle Miles - Port Bruce 5

Photos by GH

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