Tuesday, July 28, 2015

88 Cubbies

From Hamilton Spectator

"This drawer will make a terrific display case for minutiae"

I purchased the print drawer for $50. Over-priced? Maybe. But I've counted 88 cubbies and $50 divided by 88 = 57 cents per cubby.

"My first shelfie"*

Once it is dusted, washed and attached to the wall over my computer desk, the drawer will provide me with a lot of entertainment as I try to fill each wee spot with a meaningful (at least eye-catching) piece of flotsam and jetsam from my long and productive life. 57 cents is pretty cheap, say compared to going a movie.

Wow. With that kind of build-up I'd better start looking for some decent stuff!

More to follow.

Link to Custom Birdhouse 16

Photos GH

*I may have coined a word. A selfie of a shadow = shelfie?

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