Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vintage Trailer Birdhouse 1

Starts with a Sketch

 "Google 'birdhouses' > images > funky designs for more inspiration"

I have noticed that the month of July has been a busy month for me in the workshop. Custom projects and dozens of birdhouses have occupied my time, productively and positively in most cases, and - fortunately - quite a few items have been completed or are almost done.

When I start catching my breath my mind usually asks the question, "So, what's next, Buster?"

Well, now that I've completed a rough sketch of an old trailer and have done a bit of thinking about suitable materials for building such a thing (birdhouse that is), I think I will soon be knee-deep cutting lumber and assembling bits and pieces using the time-tested method called 'trial and error'. And though I have seen some vintage trailer birdhouses made with lumber and tin, I will stick to plywood and white pine.

"I will use angled slats to form the curved sections"

"Yup. I predict I'll need a lot of slats!"

More to follow, when time allows.

Link to In the Workshop with Big Orange

Sketches and Photos by GH

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