Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Memorial in Downtown London

HMCS Prevost Naval Base

I walked past HMCS Prevost last night and snapped a few shots of an impressive memorial to the Naval and Merchant Services who served during the Battle of the Atlantic. 

I once thought my father participated in the Merchant Navy but discovered in 2011-2012, while reading his hand-written notes, he volunteered for RCNVR and the Combined Operations organization. 

I wondered last night if a few Londoners signed up for RCNVR and Navy service (including Comb Ops.) at HMCS Prevost and if records exist for them? Lloyd Campbell, a Londoner and member of Combined Ops, died from wounds suffered at Dieppe in Aug. 1942 and may have volunteered at his local base over 70 years ago.

re Lloyd Campbell - Link to Passages: From Combined Operations for more information.

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