Thursday, July 9, 2015

London Bike Ride

A Long Hour

Don's knee was sore yesterday so instead of an hour-long walk we decided to take a bike ride... for fun and fitness and lots of conversation. Though we arrived back home in one hour and ten minutes I swear it felt a lot longer.

Last year we went on many bike rides together and - this is how I remember things - we glided along like fifty-year-olds. Last night we felt older than that by a long shot. I think it was the last hill, the one coming up into Old South on Wortley Road from York and Stanley, that did us in.

Not all the little ones we met on our way to Ross Park (Richmond St. north) and back. Why, the little ones we ate up like hungry tiger cubs would a pork sandwich. Nope, it was that last one. So, don't be telling us we're getting older.

Link to Memorial in Downtown London


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