Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Back to the Beach 5.

Favourite roads and sights are part of the journey to Port Bruce nine out of ten trips. And once in a while I discover a new side road that hooks me because of what I think I see off in the distance. That's how I found my favourite barn, in above photograph. 

"What a great workshop it would make!" I said, first time I saw it. I still think so. Lots of room over the door for appropriate signage:

Gord's Birdhouses. Cheep!

Favourite Photos from along the way:

 Turbines all the way to Port Burwell.

 Hazy Day.

 Kilometres click by, from 49,999.9 to 50,000.0

 Fresh nest. Mud is still wet.

 Cheep Condos.

Swallows line up to feed their young.

Please link to Back to the Beach 4.

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