Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pssst. Wanna TOP Secret?

Rare Maps for Sale.

[Photo: They ain't ready yet. But soon.]


This year will be a boom year for those who love elderberry pies (or wine, elixir, jams, and jelly) as much as I do. Double undoubtedly.

While touring on my motorcycle in late June and July, I noticed elderberry plants in bloom in many familiar and unfamiliar locations between London and.... Shhhhh. TOP Secret.

That said, I can't possibly harvest or eat them all - though I'd like to - so, for one time only, I am willing to sell nicely detailed maps to 7 of the 8 patches* that I have found. But, for BIG bucks, 'cause I know how much some people love, just looove elderberries.

"Oh, where could this possibly be?" (Price negotiable)

More enticing photos from who knows where**:

"You'd better act sooon!"

*Map to #8, The Mother Lode, is mine, all mine. (As Lucy used to say, "All I want is my fair share. All I want is what's rightfully mine.")

**I know where : )

For a small clue, please link to Gord's Hop Farm 6.

Rare Photos by GH

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