Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Back to the Beach.

Cold Day in April.

A gyroscope inside my head is calibrated to guide me toward the north shore of Lake Erie via Belmont, Sparta and Old Dexter Line. Proof is in my photo file.

The sun came out in mid-April, along with my motorcycle, after a long winter. The Yamaha was warmed up by noon, but the wind off Erie hit my face like a cold brick.

 Later in the year.

 Back to the cold April day.

My chin froze on the way home. Spring haircut, no beard.

Last week I wandered around Port Bruce in T-shirt and light jeans, and was happy for the sun and warmth.

Black Cherry ice cream is on the menu at The Corner View Cafe.

More T-shirt trips to follow.

Please link to Motorcycle Skies.

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