Monday, July 10, 2017

Hot Dog.

[Photo: Best Dog in London]

I dropped off items related to the Labatt Park birdhouse at noon on Friday and - seconds before leaving - I noticed a ball player (for the London Majors) putting condiments onto a hot dog.

Stomach to Brain: Gord didn't have breakfast. It's lunchtime. I'm hungry.

Brain: And?

Stomach to Brain: I'd go for a hot dog. Best in London.

Brain: I'll stop the car.

I walked over to the concession stand, took out my wallet, asked for one hot dog and handed a tenner toward the chef.

"Want something to drink?" he asked.

I said, "I'm fine. Just heading home."

He handed me a dog in tin foil and shook off the tenner. I offered sincere gratitude, loaded up on all available condiments and hit the road. Home in five minutes with the best dog in town.

Any arguments?

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