Friday, July 7, 2017

Birds and Elderberries.

I Shall Return.

[Photo: Is this a young bird or one of the parents?]

I thought my motorcycle trip yesterday, to Belmont and Port Bruce, would include a stop to see dozens of young swallows "waiting at the door" (of mud nests) to be fed by anxious parents. I've only seen that spectacle once, and want to again. I stopped, I checked on the nests, but saw birds at only two of 90 houses (while scores were in the air around me).

Are the young ones gone already? (My last visit was 8 days earlier). Or are they still too young or small to climb out to the doorway to be fed? Or did the parents warn them of my arrival, so they stayed back from the door, well hidden?

I don't know, so I will return on Sunday.

Nearby I spotted elderberry bushes and immediately thought, "Elderberry pies in my future? I hope so. I shall keep my eye on these bushes too!"

 Elderberry bushes and mud nests (under the bridge,
background) are close to one another. Coincidence?

 Green berries are visible below the white floweret.

 One bush is ripening to purple. Will swallows beat me to it?

I think this is a parent standing on guard.

So, one of my favourite places to stop while motorcycling will - hopefully, hopefully - serve up two rarities in the near future. Young birds at the door and pies in the oven.

More to follow.

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