Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Birdhouse London (1)

Rescued lumber was piling up in The Annex so I decided to use some high quality old pine shelf boards for three log cabins.

["Two sets of roof slats will be red, for Christmas"]

Bases - 9 by 16 (inches); triangles (to accomodate holes and support roof) - 4 by 8; logs - 7/8ths square, 6 tiers - 12 @ 5 inches long and 12 @ 8 1/4 ; roof slats (4 per house) - 3 by 9.

["Lots of room for a front yard. What should I do?"]

A log cabin stacks up pretty quick. While assembling six tiers and attaching triangles and roof slats I began to think about the trim package. I felt wee purple martin houses in the front yard might be possible. We'll see.

Photos by GH


Please click here to read up on the roof

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