Monday, October 7, 2013

From the Dylan Files: Empire Burlesque

I'm a '60s guy who likes good value for his money.

["Ten Dylan songs for ten dollars."]

So when I noticed the CD entitled 'Empire Burlesque' had a Best Value tag on it I parted with my hard-earned money fairly easily. (Actually, on Saturday, after picking out 5 used CDs from the racks at The Village Idiot in Wortley Village I was told I had a credit, based on sales of cedar LP frames I'd made for the store several years ago and then soon forgotten.) I was handed a toonie, the balance owed to me.

"Go buy yourself a cup of coffee," said Robert, the Idiot's proprietor.

Was the coffee better than the CD? Any guesses?

["Empire Burlesque... best value?"]

 I'll let you know after I listen to the CD today in the workshop. But from the looks of Bob's jacket...

Photos by GH


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