Monday, October 7, 2013

The Workshop: "brave enough to get almost the very best"

What a disappointment! I had a $50 gift card in my hand recently but almost an entire pile of red cedar planks at Home Depot was a lost cause. Planks were stained, chipped, cracked, and marred with various other travel wounds.

Then I thought, get some for half price. Speak up. So, with one messy plank at the ready I looked over my shoulder, spotted an employee and called him over to where I stood atop a portable metal set of stairs.

"I'll pay half price for some of these, but not full," I said, revealing a battered board, shaking my head. (I think I even put on a miserable face for show).

The employee reached for his notepad. Seconds later I held a chit for 50% off. Smashing.

["Half price cedar, almost a birdhouse (minus the trim)"]

["Six pieces, messy side in. Clean side out. "] 

["One more to go for a lovely set. Trim day, coming up"]

Now, that was brave of me, wasn't it? Maybe I'll do that again sometime.

Photos by GH


Please click here to view closing time (at the workshop)

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