Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Workshop: "traditional style? all Greek to me"

A friend dropped off cedar leftovers from his shop recently and spotted a birdhouse on the back wall of my house.

"When you have time, I'd like a birdhouse like that one. You know, traditional style," he said.

["Traditional style? Where did that come from?"]

I made a note. 'Traditional BH - Elias'. And while so doing I wondered who makes that style in a traditional manner. I don't. I've only made three or four like it and I'm not sure where the idea originated. But Elias is from Greece, so maybe there is a birdhouse builder in his hometown that knocks off that style whenever possible - or traditionally.

["I drew up a plan based on my earlier model"]

["Notice the modifications? Bigger. Better"]

["Thursday will be 'full on trim day', I think"]

I'll be sure to ask where my friend first saw this model when I deliver his BH later this week.

(Note to self: 'deliver Elias' BH by Sat.')

Photos by GH


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