Wednesday, October 23, 2013

smashing - Kawarthas barn board

It is the most expensive wood I buy. I occasionally rescue better wood (e.g., recently, from a western cedar boat dock reno) but I still like picking up about 100 board feet of Kawarthas barn board from Handley Lumber in Fenelon Falls each time I go to visit my son and family.

["A duplex w small fence, almost done"]

["Yes, I'm just showing off the finished project" 1 of 3] 

["The roof turned out really well w naughty pine!"]

The expensive, pine barn board comes with a story:

Last winter I was walking around Handley's lumber yard and noticed sixteen-footers that were turning gray and sitting atop many piles of drying lumber. Some of the long boards were gray on both sides. Six times sixteen is about 100 bd. ft., I thought. What's the magic number? (cost)

A man approached and asked, "Can I help you out?"

"Do you sell the 16-footers, gray on both sides?"

"Yes, we used to sell a few each month to an old guy with a beard. He used them for birdhouses," said the man.

I'm an old guy with a beard who makes birdhouses, so I said, "Hey, I'm back." And I placed my first order, didn't even ask the price. And I'll place another order next time I go up.

I think it's worth the money. You?

photos by gah


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