Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Birdhouse London (2)

Three log cabins, each on their own large base, stacked up quickly earlier this week and my mind then turned to the 'full-on trim package'. Faithful readers suggested such things as benches, flag poles and picket fences. I also thought about adding a clothesline in the front yard but there wasn't enough space once the wee purple martin houses and slat fences were in place.

I thought about picket fences but, after thinking about how close my fingers would be to the saw blade, I gave it up. (I'll try pickets another time. First I need to draw up a plan of action.)

["Martin houses are leftover cedar from my own house reno"]

Purple martins will love the idea of living next to a rustic log cabin made from rescued lumber*, especially the one with a salad fork as a perch. They love their greens.

But they'll have to raise very small families only.

Photos by GH

* logs were produced from shelves that came out of Mr. Lamont's antique store in Wortley Village and the old London winery; roof slats were cut from John Schuster's retired futon; and my wife is still looking for her wooden spoons and salad forks!


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