Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Avocado 35 "Still a Bit Droopy"

"Droopy or Just Heavy?"

I transferred the avocado plant from one pot to another last week and shortly thereafter the leaves began to droop. I thought, give it a few days. All will be well.

Today I feel the leaves have perked up a bit - so, they're getting water - but may still be a bit droopy. At the same time, the plant does sport fairly large leaves, in my opinion, so the droop may not change much. You bet... I'll watch it closely over the next month or so. And during that time I may figure out if the edges of the leaves - wavy like - are affected by the venetian window blind.

Before I did the transplant I remarked on the steady and quick - almost before my eyes - growth of the stem. It now stands at 25.5 inches tall, from the top edge of the new pot, and I will check its height on occasion to see if the rapid growth continues.

Yes, I'm retired! Thanks for noticing. (And the avocado plant is but one of my many amusements).

: )

Please link to Avocado 34 "Standing Tall"

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