Friday, April 29, 2016

Fussy Pot of Russian Earl Grey

As I Grow Older

I'm not alone, I'm sure.

As I grow older I notice one or two changes in my personal landscape, sometimes under the heading of 'Likes and Dislikes'.

I would say my landscape is broadening. Others would say I'm just getting fussy, crispy or difficult to please.

I'm done with ordinary, common, garden-variety tea bags. Blah blah blah. The people from tea-producing nations have been laughing at my choices for years.

"Gord drinks tea dust, the stuff we sweep off the floors," I can hear them say. "It tastes more of bag than tea."

Not anymore. Now I drink tea that is filled with chunks of dried plant matter, petals of blue and yellow wild flowers picked by skilled men and women from high and steep mountain-sides, and flavour - FLAVOUR - rich, aroma-filled flavour that knocks my socks off. Like this Russian Earl Grey.

"I can live with fussy"

Please link to Supper of Champions - Sauce n Gravy Highly Rated

Photos by GH

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