Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Speed Up, Man 8 "Another 7-Miler"

Comfortable Shoes

"Seven miles in red spandex - I looked awesome"

A walk of seven miles is a comfortable distance as long as the weather cooperates and the walker is wearing a coordinated outfit (red spandex, blue t-shirt - nice!) and comfortable shoes.

Today or tomorrow I will complete the ninth walk in my current series of 90 brisk walks.... and jogs (or shuffles. I'm good at shuffling along). The ninth walk will represent 10 per cent of my goal, and so far I haven't officially shuffled at all. I put the lack of 'speeding up' down to bad weather and inappropriate footwear. Both issues will be resolved shortly, I'm sure.... I hope.

More miles to follow.

Please link to Speed Up, Man "Started the Week Easy"

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