Saturday, August 20, 2016

Cicada at Rest

Camera was Handy

My wife flicked a leaf on our hop vines yesterday and a cicada flew past our noses - one of us yelped*, I think it was me - and landed on a back deck table between us. Fortunately I had a camera in my back pocket.

I snapped three photos before the large bug flew up, up and away. I've often heard them singing during the last week but haven't had a close up look in quite some time. (They live underground for 2 - 17 years before venturing above ground. Link to more about the cicada life cycle.)

Please link to another rare sighting of mud nests at Port Bruce Photos (2)

*To those who live in Wortley Village, I apologize for the blood-curdling scream at about 5 PM yesterday.

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