Monday, August 1, 2016

The Transition Zone 6 (Breakthrough!)

Walkajogging is Paying Off

Lovely downhill section of the world-famous Old South loop

Not only have I been getting out the door regularly for walking loops in Greenway Park and the 'Hood (14 walks/jogs - 2 to 6 miles in length - in the last 15 days), but I have included walking + jogging during 6 of those outings.

And during the last two nights, upon a two-mile-loop in Old South, I jogged almost the entire distance. I know, it doesn't sound like much but for the guy making The GREAT Canadian Comeback it is a significant breakthrough. My experience - let's call it 'The BIG Breakthrough' - is similar to Snoopy and his Sopwith Camel breaking the sound barrier. Very similar!

Snoopy and I have the very same walking style.

So, after ten months of walking here, there and everywhere on city pathways and sidewalks, I can say 'The Comeback' continues successfully. Oh, I may not be smooth, strong or svelte to any recognizable degree, but I'm getting sturdier! I'm good with that.

By the Numbers:

     My GOTD (Get Out The Door) rate was 84% in July, and after 10 months
     of records stands at 89%. Not bad, not bad at all.

     I covered 111 significant miles in July, and after 10 months
     I maintain a healthy 119 miles/month average.

     2 short but sturdy jogs in a row. Things are looking up.

     For 9 months in a row I have recorded 100-plus miles
     of walking or walking/jogging. (Let's go for 10!)

The "good walkajog" on July 27 lead to a breakthrough 3 days later 

 On Edward St., near Baseline Rd., what goes up must come down

Winter Walking leads to Summer Success: Photo from Feb. 29

Prediction: I will break the 1.5-mile barrier in August while wearing red spandex tights.

Stay tuned for more exciting details.

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Unattributed Photos by GH

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