Monday, August 22, 2016

Motorcycle Miles - Port Burwell, August 21

Farther East

 Port Bruce, looking east to Port Burwell

Port Burwell, looking south to cloudy horizon and USA

Usually, my Virago lands me in Port Bruce - out of habit and my fondness for BLTs at The Corner View Cafe. Yesterday, however, I hit upon John Wise Line, county road 45, and knew it lead to a hop farm and the road to Port Burwell. Easy sailing, after a stop to view Mr. Hayhoe's hop vines.

 Looking north to Mt. Salem on Springfield Line, hop vines on the left

Looking south. Lake Erie, less than a mile away, under blue skies

Threatening clouds were seen overhead while riding east and west, but my time at the beach was perfectly clear. Excellent ride, all in all.

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