Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Morning Smile 21

Hops Display Perceptible Growth

A few goodly-sized cones amongst many small ones 

This is the time when hop vines grow less and hop blooms transform into cones - almost before one's eyes. Each day I notice changes in the size of the cones and change my predictions concerning harvest date.

I think now we are about 7 - 10 days away from picking hops, but I'm no expert. I will consult with a local micro-brewer to see what he says.

Small sized cones are still the norm, but not for long

More hops to follow.

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brad4d said...

Hi Gord
Just looking at your hops article. What type of hops and are you brewing beer?
I had nugget and cascade growing in Bayfield. Used them for an IPA a few years back.

G. Harrison said...

Hi Scott, I am not sure what kind of hops I have, neither did the fellow who gave me the original small root ball three to four years ago. But they are quite bitter, very aromatic, and I get some use out them by stirring a few cones into a nondescript lager. I am hoping one of my son's friends, one of a healthy-sized group of neighbourhood micro-brewers, will harvest them again this year. An IPA would be up my alley but I seldom complain about any style of beer.
I have been riding past more hop farms over the years (on my Virago), future for craft brewers bodes well in SW Ontario.
Is your bike still in good shape? Short bike tour possible?