Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Transition Zone 8

The Last 10 Weeks

Walkn - Sunday and yesterday: Smooth sailing in tall hats 
On Aug. 15 I completed TZ32 (walk number 32 of 100*)

I enjoyed positive results related to The GREAT Canadian Challenge during the week of Aug. 7 - 13. I covered 30.0 miles and included 3 walk-a-jogs in 7 outings. Though I was visiting family in Lindsay during 4 of the days I found it easy to get out for walks after supper, and I made good use of an old quarter-mile track at a local vocational school (on Kent Street, Lindsay's main drag). Thankfully, The GC Challenge is generally all about walking, shuffling and jogging, so I should be able to meet my goals whenever I head out of town.

One stat I have started to record in my daily journal (a cheapo 1-year pocket planner) is found in the lower right corner of each entry, i.e., cumulative total of weekly mileage (see photo above).

As well, I have been comparing my weekly totals at-a-glance for some time now and will now keep track of another new stat every 2 weeks, i.e., the average total of miles covered during the last ten weeks. For example, I covered 25.68 miles over the 10 weeks ending July 30th. I covered 26.45 miles over the 10 weeks ending August 13, an increase of about 0.8 miles.

Though weekly totals fluctuate for a variety of reasons, a ten-week average will not and therefore will provide a better reckoning of how I'm doing when a series of ten-week averages are compared 'at-a-glance'. You know me, I have my 'number crunching ways', and I bet by the end off the year I be thinking about some other stat to collect. E.g., Average number of miles I can cover on a pair of Nikes vs Adidas. Sounds interesting, right? Cost of a pair of shoes per mile? Oh, better yet. : )

In May I kept track of 'miles walked' while on Vancouver Island

Notes: Recently I was able to time myself while walking on two different quarter-mile tracks and found I cover a mile in about 18 minutes. Since the beginning of The GC Challenge, on all walking routes, I've been counting "one mile every 20 minutes", so it's nice to know I haven't been padding my totals.

: ) More to follow.

*TZ = Transition Zone (a series of 100 brisk walks with jogging included).

Please link to The Transition Zone 7 (Breakthrough!)

Photos by GH

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