Monday, August 8, 2016

My Morning Smile 20

Mushroom Reinforcements

A few days ago, my neighbour's tree sprouted a large 'shroom

I've seen certain types of fungi growing on or from trees in the past but can't recall seeing toadstools - if that's what we can call this plant.

Yesterday, the original toadstool or 'shroom was looking a little worse for wear - well past the 'pop it into a fry pan' stage - but reinforcements have arrived.

 One down, two or three poppin' up. With weird root system? (lower right)

 One new 'shroom is clearly seen, w another right above it

The old one has got company too

I think there will be more to follow.

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G. Harrison said...

I wonder if I should tell a foraging club to drop by? GH