Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Morning Smile - Poetree is Back!

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 [November - "I help install a cool Poetree in London"]

In early November, 2014, I helped install a 'Poetree' on a front yard tree in Old South. Not too much time passed, however, before the property owner was asked to remove said item from the tree. Ouch. Perhaps we should have checked The Corporation of the City of London's bylaws before sinking a few screws into the sturdy Red Maple.

["First attempt looks good but Ms. M. wasn't smiling for long"]

Well, though Ms. Montgomery initially had to take a step back and deal with putting a claim forward for an "exception to the bylaw", she did so gallantly and recently a "thumbs up" arrived in the mail.

["Stand back. She is armed w a drill and knows how to use it"]

Yesterday the Poetree was successfully re-installed. (I actually still had the same screws in my workshop jacket). Ms. M. replaced the first screw with enthusiasm, I checked that it was level and replaced a few more.

I say, A1.

Link to My Morning Smile

Photos by CM and GH

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