Wednesday, February 11, 2015

West Coast Trip 2015 - Prep 2

Making Contact

["WW2 Navy boys played some ball in Comox, B.C., 1944-45"]

Prep work for a trip to Comox, on Vancouver Island, has begun. I've booked my May flights with West Jet because they land in Comox and I can cab to my accommodations in 5 minutes. Fun-tastic.

I've booked a cozy room in a solid house (via Airbnb) in Comox for the first half of the trip already, and a homeowner in Courtenay will book me into a room in his house once he's returned from vacation. Both homes are centrally located, minutes away from libraries and museums.

["Microfiche is on file at Courtenay Library"]

I have made one of three important contacts: Courtenay Library has microfiche records of WW2 era newspapers from the area and I simply have to call for an appointment once in town, Easy kap-easy. And I'm just waiting patiently for return emails from my other two connections.

["Library is open 'til 8PM. I'll be gone by 5"]

I have new travelling socks but still need new pants and shoes. I haven't organized a rental bike and if I don't start savin' up I'll be eating wieners and beans for almost two weeks.

So, there is still work to be done.

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