Sunday, February 15, 2015

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Downtown London - Affordable Apartments

["Marvin Rivas buys Honest Lawyer, creates 30 more units"]

I often dream about living in a cozy apartment downtown. I feel I would then be very close to many very interesting amenities and the routine of walking to Oxford and Richmond for groceries a few times per week would be a reasonable form of necessary exercise. I like the dream and Marvin Rivas, owner of Che Restobar and the (former) Honest Lawyer, likes it too.

Above Che he established five geared-to-income units and above Honest Lawyer there will soon be thirty more. I might not ever move out of Old South because I already live in a pretty cool part of town and have my own workshop in the backyard, but I really like how Marvin thinks.

Affordable housing downtown creates a winning situation. Someday, thanks to folks like Marvin, our downtown will be a lovely, lively, hearty place, coveted and inhabited by folks from a variety of walks of life and income levels.

Thumbs UP, Marvin.

Article and photos from Jan. 15 issue of London Free Press

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