Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Workshop - Cedar Triplexes 11

Not Taking Forever

 ["The faint light indicates 'man at work'"]


Eleven posts about cedar birdhouses? I must be the slowest worker this side of Lake Huron.

I'm slow, maybe. Definitely not the slowest. I mean, you've never met my Uncle Louie. He does laundry, like, once a year.

However, in my defence, the temperature only got as high as 5 C inside the shop yesterday, and while wearing mittens I find it hard to attach small bits of trim in rapid-fire fashion.

 ["One of six red cedar triplexes"]

 ["Three birdhouses all ready for line dancing. Add trim here, add trim there"]

["Next I will add perches, then attach fences"]

Speaking of fire. Today I will light a fire outside the shop to warm my hands up when times turn bitter. So, if you smell cedar smoke at 3PM, don't call 911.

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