Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Way We Roll 10

Half the Heat Bill

 ["I'm standing at my work bench behind the blanket. Warm at last!"]

["Why, it's like summer in here now!"]

Last week, I looked at my hands while working in the shop... and they were blue. 

Really, I was so close to locking up the workshop until April. But I had projects to finish. So, I twisted my cap, scrunched up my eyes and gave it a good think. And I ultimately came up with a way to heat the small shop during this recent cold snap without blowing a fuse, or fuses. 

All I needed was an old sheet and a few staples.

Yesterday, with the thermometer reading minus 4 degrees Celsius, I cut the size of my work space in half. And by gosh, the temperature inside the shop soared to a balmy 10 degrees. 


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