Monday, February 16, 2015

The Workshop - Cedar Triplexes 9

Ready for Roofs, and Q & A

Amid the mess on my basement work table you will find three BHs ready for the next step. So, out they go today to the cold workshop.

I will tack on the roof slats, then start adding trim - and lots of it. All the while I will be wondering how much my hydro bill will be at the end of this cold month.

Q: Is the entry hole on the tall center unit too high from the base, i.e., more than 6 - 7 inches?

A: It appears so from the outside, but inside the tallest unit I included a raised bottom, 6 - 7 inches below the hole.

Q: So, with the false bottom, can the BH be cleaned out by removing the base?

A: No, but one of the roof slats will be screwed into place for easy removal. See side units for an example.

Any other questions? : )

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