Monday, February 2, 2015

The Big Tidy 2

Find Me a Box

 ["The Big Tidy may one day be a tradition throughout London"]

This is not a habit or tradition yet, i.e., to grab an empty box, fill it with stuff fit for The Goodwill or nearest curb, then get it out of the house, but it might be by the end of February. Because I do now solemnly swear (like I did last week) to spend a bit of time this afternoon packing up items of no relative interest to anyone in the free world until I am finished The Big Tidy.

And what am I doing? Just making room for more stuff? Gee whiz, I sure hope not.

I did run into one slow down today. My wife wondered aloud why I was throwing out a wooden bowl I'd made in my Grade Eight wood shop class. I said, "Because I haven't really used it much since my Grade Eight wood shop class." She reminded me I have four grandchildren who might someday like a reminder they once had a skilled craftsman as an ancestor, so I placed the bowl on my dresser, threw a bit of loose change into it and placed my old pup tent into the 'out box' instead.

If anyone wants to remind me I once loved camping or may regret my decision someday, go right ahead. The tent... she is gone!

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