Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Workshop - Cedar Triplexes 1

New Batch Underway

I am currently inspired to build six red cedar triplexes for two main reasons. First, I don't have any triplexes in stock. Two, one of my most popular blog posts for the last four weeks is related to red cedar triplexes. Click to view. I'll wait.

So, I've been tramping out to the workshop for the last couple of days to get a new BH process started. After making a quick sketch I handed the design to my master wood selector and cutter. After trimming off the rounded edges on cedar fence boards, he soon had six piles of lumber started. He then handed off the design to the roof builder.

["A lot of thin slats are needed to cover 18 roofs"]

["The roofer cuts thick boards into thinner slats. Dusty work"]

The roofer is almost finished his role, as you can see. Soon the guy who does all my sanding will take over and fill the shop with high-flying dust.

["Three piles are as high as they need to go"]

["Stand back. This guy means business"]

Once the dust settles I call on another fellow to nail everything together so that high-quality birdhouses end up where the piles of stock once stood. All I do is stand around and crack the whip.

Hey, it's a living.

: )

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