Saturday, December 12, 2015

Keep Going 16

The GREAT Canadian Comeback

"This is how I see myself in a Green Hornet walking outfit"

Keep Going 15 (KG15): 75 min. (+) in length; w Don Kelly; a loop that included trails on the south side of the Thames River, west of Wharncliffe Rd., that lead under a railway trestle and into GreenWay Park; first time on that treasure of a trail.

(KG16): 90 minutes (+) of walking; a loop through downtown London that included a stop at the historic Aeolian Hall (formerly a fire station, going back to the 1880s); an unusually mild day thanks to global warming.

Some of my fav photos of the last two days:

 "Don and I passed under this trestle on way to Greenway Pk."

 "I returned home by way of King St., through Downtown London"

"Memento from my running days"*

*After completing the 'Run Thru Hell', aka Dances With Dirt in Hell, Michigan, 2000, participants were given a bottle of soil. Teams of five runners covered 15 legs and a total of 100 km. before crossing the finish line. The event was awesome and a highlight of my running days.

"I emerge from one of my dirty legs"

 "I hug my running mate, Dan Feke"

 "How did Dan stay so clean?"

"London's team - early in the day, before the swamp action!"

While making 'The GREAT Canadian Comeback' I often think of past victories. Motivation, I say!

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