Sunday, December 27, 2015

Keep Going 29

The Comeback - By The Numbers

"The Green Hornet walking gear makes a colourful splash!"

Quite a few chores faced my wife and I on Christmas Day and I could not get out the door for a walk. But I did have a nice walk yesterday on very quiet trails. I think a lot of people were either shopping - madness, I say! - or snoozing on the couch. Yup, I thought about that too, but now that my walking habit is almost three months old, my inner mind tells me to set aside time for 'fun and fitness' every day (usually shortly after lunch) - and I obey the call almost 90% of the time.

 "The Greenway Parkway is part of my 'go-to' loop"

 "I had a Merry Christmas and hope you did as well"

"Boogie Board shows 'walks per week' since Sept. 28"

By The Numbers

     - 84 days have passed on the calendar since I started
       The Great Canadian Comeback on September 28.

     - I have completed 74 walks

     - I average 6.2 walks per week

     - I score 88.1% for "getting out the door"

     - I will aim for 90% in January, i.e., 28/31 days

     - Yipes!

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